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Framing Papercuts

As the papercuts we sell are very unique, we thought we would give you a little advice on how to frame them.


If you would like your wall art delivered ready to hang to re-energise your space effortlessly, you can select our framing service. Crafted from sustainable FSC wood, we sell Moxon Magnetic Print Frames.


These sleek, contemporary, lightweight frames use 90% less materials than traditional poster frames, and secure your wall art in place via super-strong neodymium magnets. We recommend these frames as they create shadow and depth behind the papercut artwork and display it in all its glory - as intended by the artist. We stock these at A2 size in both black and white.


Alternatively, we would suggest that you place our wall art in an A2-sized sandwich glass frame if you wish the laser-cut areas to be transparent and to view your wall colour through the work. Unfortunately, we do not stock these in our store at present.


Otherwise, you could use a standard A2-sized frame with a backboard and place a sheet of plain, coloured or metallic A2 card behind the piece. We stock gold and silver card in our store if you wish to add a little MAGIC behind the design! The metallic card is manufactured in the UK using sustainable resources and, of course, fully recyclable.

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