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And… we are LIVE! Contoura has launched!

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

It’s official, I have manifested a business! A fully-functioning, dreamy, soulful wall art business. What a surreal moment this is for me, during what I know is a pivotal time in my life and career as an artist. There are currently 10 x A2 pieces in each of the 6 designs available for purchase from my website and I can’t wait to see photos of them in your beautiful homes!

My Story

I thought I would share a little about my story, how I got here, and why I do what I love. About a year ago, I was over 7 years and 2 degrees deep into the pathway to becoming an architect. I had spent 3 years living and studying at The University of Nottingham, two years at The University of Greenwich in London and 2 years working in a lovely medium-sized architecture practice in Hertfordshire. I liked it, but something was missing. At my core I knew I wanted more. More creativity. More freedom. More abundance.

During the early summer months of 2020, I was furloughed due to Coronavirus and like many other people around the world, I suddenly had a chance to slow down. I had a chance to stop, reflect and ask the scary question: “is this REALLY what I want?”. I had actively been taking part in creating this life for myself, yet I wasn’t even sure if I liked where it was going. I began a journey of self-discovery and development through workshops, coaching and a HELL of a lot of soul searching.

Through this process I finally started to listen to the internal voice whispering to me that something wasn’t right. Until this moment, I had chosen to ignore it. I had played life very ‘safe’. I chose a ‘safe’ career, which would earn me a ‘secure’ salary, in order to live a ‘comfortable’ existence. The problem was, I didn’t want to just be ‘comfortable’. I longed for EXCITEMENT. I wanted to wake up every day feeling inspired by the life and career I was moulding for myself.

For too long, I had listened to what other people told me I should be wanting, instead of actually following my own internal compass. I was terrified! At a real desperate low point, I can remember lying on the floor of my bedroom, staring at the ceiling and asking myself if I was really okay with embracing the unknown. But after repeatedly telling myself I could carve out whatever kind of life I desired, the energy inside me began to shift. I moved from a place of terror to embracing a buzz of inspired excitement. It was like my whole being was saying “YES!! THANK YOU FOR FINALLY LISTENING TO ME!”.

The Birth of Contoura

Following this, things began to unfold very organically. The idea for Contoura itself came to me one lunchtime when I was out on a long walk. It was a barmy, sticky summer's day. I knew I needed direction, but I was relaxed about it. I had faith that an inspiring idea was coming to me by this point, and I had accepted that until it presented itself, I would simply continue on my journey of self-discovery. An image popped into my head during this walk. It was the side profile of a woman, with beautiful botanical plants cradling her delicate features. I envisaged a bird with its wings spread wide next to her face and the words ‘Trust the Inner Whisper…’ popped into my mind. This was my “AH-HA!” moment.

I was an artist at heart. If I was really honest with myself, that is what I had always been and always wanted to be. I was just socially conditioned to believe that being an artist wouldn’t earn me enough money as a profession. So, I compromised. I studied architecture because it seemed creative, but practical. However, things suddenly became clear to me. What I enjoyed most was creating magical, innovative, visual beauty, and all manner of intricate craftsmanship. And by this point, I was already well into my spiritual journey. I was utterly passionate about all things self-development, manifestation and spirituality. Why not combine the two things I loved the most? And in that moment, the combination of art and empowering spiritual messages became my new obsession, and Contoura Cuts was born.


I will be forever grateful for my years of studying, because they developed me so much as a person, and I would never have had the confidence or skill to launch a business like Contoura Cuts if I had taken a different path. Plus, Papercutting was a passion I developed through my time studying architecture, along with a multitude of other skills. It is only in hindsight; we truly understand the phrase ‘divine timing’.

I thank the universe every day for giving me the opportunity to CREATE. For giving me passion and artistic flow. For making it possible to earn money from doing what I love. And for guiding me to this moment right now, where I am sat writing the blog post for my business launch. I am so excited to see where this goes, and I have made a promise to myself to never ignore that inner whisper again.

I hope you love my designs as much as I love creating them.

Love Connie x

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