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How to Write a Gratitude Journal to Increase Inspiration

Updated: May 4, 2021

Written by Charlotte Dawson

Do you find that you are often in somewhat of a slump with lack of inspiration? Sometimes you may struggle to see what good is happening or what good you are performing. Start a gratitude journal and see your inspiration increase, raise your vibrations and over time you will feel better by embracing the things you are grateful for by expressing these feelings in written form each day.

To be inspired, you need to feel gratitude towards yourself, others, and the world around you. Once you start to feel gratitude daily, you will be able to connect to your higher self and feel goodness within your mind and soul.

We are going to talk about how you can start a gratitude journal and the types of things you should be writing in order to feel inspired every single day.

The Definition of Gratitude –

“ The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.”

Starting a Gratitude Journal

All you need to start your own gratitude journal is a notebook, a pen, and an open mind.

You may already have a journal, if that’s the case you can start to include gratitude within your daily journal practice.

Turn your gratitude journaling time into a calm, spiritual experience by setting the mood in the room you are in.

Light some candles, turn off the lights, maybe even burn some incense. Tuning into your mind and higher self will allow the words to flow easily onto the page.

To include gratitude into your journal, start by noticing even the smallest things throughout your day, and changing your mindset towards these things.

For example:

What is the weather like today?

If it’s raining, instead of noticing how dark and gloomy it is, express that you are grateful for the rain since your garden has been watered by nature! If the sun is shining, you could show gratitude by expressing how magical the weather made you feel that day.

Who did you interact with today?

How did they make you feel? If someone made you feel positive by complementing your work, then write it down. People can say things that really light you up, be sure to keep hold of these moments.

Have you personally achieved something recently?

Write down how proud you are of yourself for completing something you have been working hard on. By embracing your own feelings towards yourself, you can raise your vibrations, finding these moments then happen more frequently.

What small moments you have enjoyed today?

You could even write about how nice your breakfast was, or what you encountered on your lunchtime walk. Write down anything that made your soul feel happy.

How in-depth you go with your writing is completely your choice.

You can write gratitude in bullet points, or you could write a small paragraph to describe every detail of the scenario, what you saw, how you felt, even what you could smell!

Therefore, by practicing gratitude daily, you will eventually begin to appreciate the smallest things that occur daily. In turn, you will begin to feel more inspired by your life, the surroundings, and your own self! Just by simply being happier, positive and expressing gratitude daily.

Journal Prompts to Increase Inspiration

There isn’t a strict perfect way to begin journaling, you most likely will figure out what works for you.

The best advice is to just start. Set a time each day to sit down, relax and write, even if it is just five minutes.

When practicing gratitude, take a few moments to close your eyes and really thing about all of your senses to fully incorporate them into your journal. By getting in touch with your whole self you will be able to add more detail, which will make you feel more inspired.

For example, if you had a really great coffee that day, how did it make you feel inside? How did the coffee taste? What could you hear around you? Eventually, during these real-life magical moments you will be in tune with your complete surroundings.

Journal Prompts to Get Started

  • What was the best part of your day?

  • What feature of your home brings you the most joy and why?

  • Have you expressed creativity today? In what way are you grateful for this?

  • Have you read something recently that you are grateful for?

  • What did the book teach you?

  • Who’s art inspired you today, what made you feel this way?

  • What music are you grateful for, how does this make you feel?

  • Is there a form of movement you are grateful for and why? (For example, practicing yoga) What went really well last month/week/yesterday/today?

  • Have you recently learned anything about yourself, what was it?

You can find an abundance of journal prompts online if you ever feel stuck, however, you will soon think of your own ideas that correlate with your life very quickly.

In conclusion...

When starting a gratitude journal, have an open mind. Set the right tone in your environment to tune into your higher self and see the magic happen. Choose to write in your journal when you feel most relaxed. This can sometimes be during your morning routine, or your night-time routine, do whatever makes your soul feel good.

Feeling inspired comes into play when you have learned to show gratitude each day. Once you are in this place, you will not only be increasing your good vibes, but inspiration will also flow to you without even thinking about it.

I hope you enjoy your new journaling journey, and that inspiration will enhance your life and your work very soon.

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