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For every sale we make here at Contoura, ONE TREE will be planted to give back to this wonderful earth.


We have partnered with the non-profit environmental charity One Tree Planted. The trees are planted over various projects in the following regions of the world:

  • North America

  • Latin America

  • Africa

  • Asia


At the end of each month, we calculate how many sales we made and donate $1 per sale, and each $1 plants a tree. 

The $1 is split in the following way:

$0.10 on land preparation and weeding

$0.60 on saplings being nurtured in the nursery

$0.15 on transport and planting by hand

$0.15 on maintenance and monitoring

one tree planted.png


Planting trees helps us feel we giving something back in exchange for the beauty of nature we get to experience every day in this magnificent world. Trees also clean the air we breathe, absorb harmful carbon from the atmosphere, filter our water, and provide a habitat to millions of species of wildlife. The projects run by One Tree Planted also provide jobs to people in the local regions.

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